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The La Jolla Shores Association (LJSA) disagrees with the Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) Findings on the project at 8423 El Paseo Grande, La Jolla.

Click link below to read letter from LJSA to City:

LJSA MND Letter – 11_23_20

Outcome of Parks Master Plan Hearing Before City Council  [11/10/20]

For your information, the Parks Master Plan under the proposed Complete Communities initiative was rejected by the City Council. Many of the concerns expressed are contained in the attached letter.  Below is the article in today’s SDUT.

San Diego OKs ‘complete communities’ housing incentives, but rejects parks plan:

Council members say parks plan has too many unanswered questions


Housing developers in San Diego got new incentives Monday to build “complete communities” that include neighborhood amenities, instead of just building housing units by themselves.

But a related city proposal that would have significantly changed how and where San Diego adds new parks was rejected by the City Council in a narrow 5-4 vote.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s planning staff presented the bold and comprehensive policy changes as a joint proposal called “Complete Communities Housing Solutions” and “Complete Communities Play Everywhere.”

Council members praised the new incentives, which would allow developers to build more housing units if they agree to boost transit options near a project or if they add amenities like parks or promenades nearby.

The council approved the incentive for adding transit options, which include bike lanes and pedestrian upgrades, in a 7-2 vote.

The incentive for adding amenities like parks and promenades was approved 8-1.

Councilwoman Vivian Moreno voted no on both incentive programs and on the changes to parks funding. Moreno said all the proposals aim to achieve laudable goals, including to boost equity across the city, but she criticized the timing.

Five members of the nine-member council will be replaced on Dec. 10, the results of last week’s elections. And Mayor-elect Todd Gloria will replace outgoing Mayor Kevin Faulconer the same day.

“A policy of this level of importance that significantly changes existing city policies should not be rushed and passed at the last minute during a lame-duck period,” Moreno said. “I believe this should be vetted by the new mayor and voted on by the next council.”

On the housing incentive proposal, Moreno was joined in opposition by Councilman Mark Kersey on the transit portion.

On the parks funding proposal, Moreno was joined in opposition by Kersey, Chris Cate, Barbara Bry and Dr. Jennifer Campbell.

Bry said many questions remain about the parks proposal, which would replace the city’s standard of 2.8 acres of parkland per 1,000 residents with a new points matrix based on equity, community access and several other factors.

“This plan is not ready for prime time,” Bry said.

All of the proposals have generated significant controversy since city officials first unveiled them more than two years ago. Supporters have called them an innovative way to spur housing and boost social equity, but critics have called them a giveaway to developers and have raised other concerns.

The parks proposal has been the most controversial, partly because it would use parks money generated in suburban areas to build parks in low-income, urban areas.

Goals of that policy include boosting equity in San Diego, where many low-income communities lack adequate parks, and accelerating park construction by eliminating a mandate that parks money provided by developers gets spent near the project the developer built.

Stranded funding

The city has roughly $450 million stranded in 42 parks construction accounts because of the rule requiring the money be spent near the development that generated the funding.

The parks proposals would replace the funding rules that created those accounts with new rules, lumping all future developer money for parks into one citywide account.  That would allow San Diego to spend such money elsewhere, particularly in low-income areas that lack parks, to boost social equity across the city.

The change would also increase the city’s ability to spend the stranded $450 million, by providing a citywide account with the flexibility to provide funding to neighborhood projects that have fallen just short of funding goals.

Heidi Vonblum, a city planning official, said the parks plan could bring parks to low income neighborhoods where they are desperately needed.

“We must prioritize investments where they are needed the most,” she told the council. “Inequities have persisted for too long. We know that the current system works for some, and we also know it does not work for many.”

Cate said the parks proposal would not guarantee neighborhoods allowing significant development in coming years would get the parks they need to support the residents who will live in the new housing.

Brian Schoenfisch, another planning official, offered praise for the separate proposal for developer incentives.

“This program takes a comprehensive approach to improving neighborhoods all across the city, with a particular focus on those which have been underserved and neglected for far too long,” he said.

City officials have made several adjustments to the proposals this fall in response to community feedback and complaints.

One example is an effort to prevent gentrification. The developer incentive requires developers to offer at least 75 percent of new units they build in low-income “communities of concern” to existing residents of the area.

Last week, Mayor-elect Gloria said he supports the goals of the complete communities proposal, but he has some concerns about changes to height limits and other elements.

Gloria said he and the new council can make adjustments if problems arise. And Monday’s 5-4 vote to delay approving the parks funding proposal will allow Gloria and the new council to help shape that proposal.

THE MAP of the Grand Canyons of La Jolla celebration in honor of Walter Munk   [10/16/20]

Please share this information with anyone you think might be interested in celebrating Walter Munk’s legacy of daring exploration and discovery.

Enjoy the video about Walter and THE MAP and be sure to visit THE MAP of the Grand Canyons of La Jolla next time you are in the Shores!

All the best,



Click this link for info about the Walter Munk Memorial 2020:

Walter Munk-memorial-2020-2

Zoom Forum on Beach Fires and Fire Preparedness


Zoom Forum on Beach Fires and Fire Preparedness

SEPTEMBER 10th, 5:30PM – 6:40PM

Join us for a presentation on beach fires and fire preparedness. Residents will explain the recent beach fire activities and issues, including the high amount of particulate matter in the air from the wood burning fires and provide a safer alternative to wood burning fires on the beach. Our local 5th Battalion Fire Chief will review ways to stay safe during fire season, which started early this year.

Interesting article about New technology to keep scooters on the streets instead of sidewalks  [9/3/20]

Sept 3rd, 6pm, Presentation on UCSD  TDLLN Project

At the LJCPA meeting we will be presenting our opposition position on this project.  Please contact LJCPA to participate in this important Zoom meeting.

If Proposed bus route #34 becomes a reality, it opens all property along it’s route to all the new bills in Sacramento touting to increase density without going thru any Local Planning Groups.

The Metropolitan Transit System released its Mid-Coast Feeder Bus Plan this week, including the new local route #34 depicted in bright green on the map.  If the MTS Board gives its final approval, the route will open when the trolley begins service in the Spring of 2021.  Note: All new bus routes are re-evaluated at the end of one year.

Steven Hadley
Community Outreach Director
Office of Councilmember Barbara Bry
202 C Street
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 236-6972

Avenida de la Playa Al Fresco Dining at the Shores

La Jolla Shores Association is pleased to announce that effective July 22, 2020 thru September, 27, 2020 Avenida de la Playa from El Paseo Grande to Calle de la Plata will be closed to vehicular traffic.  During this period six to seven restaurants will be setting up dining tables over parking stalls in order to serve lunch and dinner, al fresco.  The goal is to provide a safe, outdoor, dining in a pleasant atmosphere.  From 11:00 AM until 10:00 PM there will be a twenty foot wide pedestrian walkway down the center of Avenida de la Playa.

200714 Shores Outside Dining flyer revision 1



Letter from La Jolla Community Orgs with Comments to Draft Parks Master Plan

Click the following link to read the letter:

Comments to Draft Parks Master Plan

Please read attached important letter regarding UCSD’s construction projects

200203 Letter to LJ Light

Mental Evaluation 911 Checklist When Calling for Help

Officer Hesselgesser provided the attached checklist for use when calling 911 for a Mental Crisis Situation:

Mental Health 911 Call Info Checklist

Please click on this link for info about laws regarding homeless in cars:

11/1/18, The city has a website that shows all Capital Improvement Program projects in development.

To access the website, go to: .  You will have to follow instructions there to experiment navigating around the system.  Eventually you will navigate to the following address: which is the current water main replacement project in La Jolla Shores.


5/31/18, Trolley Project and Road Closures Updates

To check the latest status or to sign up for important road closure emails, go to   There you can enter your email address in the “Project E-Updates” for automatic updates.  And you can read all about the project.