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Mid-Coast Trolley Feeder Bus Study

Greetings —

The MTS staff will be presenting the results of their Mid-Coast Trolley Feeder Bus Study to the MTS Board at their regular monthly meeting next week, Thursday, February 13th. The report will not be available to the public until then, I am told. If there is public comment invited, I will iterate the community group (LJ & PB) resolutions on shuttle bus connection. I will try to get copies of what is handed out. I will plan to report to the La Jolla Traffic & Transportation Board at their February 19th meeting.

From agendas of past MTS Board meetings I see they are long and wide ranging. The start time is 9 AM. The meetings take place at 1255 Imperial Avenue. Agendas are posted at

Dan Allen, 858 245 1586


Please read attached important letter regarding UCSD’s construction projects

200203 Letter to LJ Light

Looking for a Few Good People!
Do you live in the Shores?  If so, get involved and make a difference!

The La Jolla Shores Association (LJSA) is looking for people who love the Shores to serve on their Board.  If you live, own property, or own a business in the Shores you are eligible to serve.

All interested parties please submit your name to and come to our February 12th meeting.


November 2019 San Diego Community Groups Update


How are you? We hope that all is going well! We always look forward to working with you and the La Jolla Shores Association to keep you abreast of UC San Diego projects. Please see the incorporated web link to the November 2019 UC San Diego Community Groups Update. The update includes information on projects that are either in the planning, design, or construction phase.

Please let me know if you have questions and comments regarding the update and by all means, feel free to share the referenced information with your group, or anyone you think is interested in this information.

On behalf of the UC San Diego Community Planning, we appreciate all of your assistance regarding our community collaboration efforts.

Sincerely!   Thanks,  Bob


Request for Letters of Support for THE MAP of the Grand Canyons of La Jolla

TO: Supporters of THE MAP of the Grand Canyons of La Jolla

We need your help as we work our way through the permitting process of the City of San Diego Planning Commission and the California Coastal Commission.  Please consider writing a Letter of Support for THE MAP project and/or join us for the hearings.

Letters should be addressed:  To whom it may concern 

Please email to:

We are including a 3 minute video and and talking points below.

  • THE MAP project will be heard by the Planning Commission on Thursday, November 7th at City Hall (202 C Street) on the 12th Floor at 9 AM.
  • California Coastal Commission hearing TBD.

Please let us know if you would like additional information.

Thank you,

Mary Munk, Friends of La Jolla Shores and the Walter Munk Foundation for the Oceans team

Note:  video is available at

THE MAP Coastal Commission Points 11 3 19


Mental Evaluation 911 Checklist When Calling for Help

Officer Hesselgesser provided the attached checklist for use when calling 911 for a Mental Crisis Situation:

Mental Health 911 Call Info Checklist

SDPD Response to Recent Graffiti in La Jolla:

190702 SDPD re tagging in LJ

Undergrounding Information from Community Forum 3/27/19:

Block 1J Community Forum PPT_FINAL_2019_0327

Please click on this link for info about laws regarding homeless in cars:

La Jolla Loses Its Einstein of the Ocean

“Special love to the Munk family.  We have all been blessed to know this amazing man.” – LJSA

Hate dockless scooters? This San Diego company will get them out of your way for free!

Hate dockless scooters? This San Diego company will get them out of your way for free


1/10/19, Thanks from UCSD:

A very Happy New Year to you and wishing you all things wonderful in 2019.

Please see included the January 2019 UC San Diego Community Groups Update for sharing with the La Jolla Shores Community Association and its membership.  As you will see in the January Monthly Update, the UC Regents approved this past November, the UC San Diego 2018 Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) and certified the LRDP Environmental Impact Report for the La Jolla Campus.

 2018 La Jolla Campus LRDP –

Final EIR –

Community Updates –

The 2018 LRDP replaces and supersedes the 2004 LRDP as the planning document in force moving forward with the UC San Diego Capital Improvement Program.

We thank you, the La Jolla Shores Association’s board members and community at large for your support of the LRDP and its accompanying EIR that outlines a plan for future growth.

On behalf of the University, Anu and myself, thank you very much for all that you do to help the UC San Diego Community!

Bob Brown


11/1/18, The city has a website that shows all Capital Improvement Program projects in development.

To access the website, go to: .  You will have to follow instructions there to experiment navigating around the system.  Eventually you will navigate to the following address: which is the current water main replacement project in La Jolla Shores.


5/31/18, Trolley Project and Road Closures Updates

To check the latest status or to sign up for important road closure emails, go to   There you can enter your email address in the “Project E-Updates” for automatic updates.  And you can read all about the project.