Ballot for the Annual Election of LJSA Board of Directors

March 10th 2021, will be our annual election for 5 open Board seats.  The link below will open a Ballot package that contains information about the LJSA, candidate statements/biographies, the actual Ballot, and a Registration Form.

March 2021 LJSA Ballot

To be counted, your ballot must be received by 4 pm, Wednesday, March 10, 2021.  Voters must be Registered Members of the La Jolla Shores Association.

People who are eligible to register and vote are:  Any resident, property owner, or business owner of a business (or designated operator by the business owner to be the operator of that business), with a physical address in the La Jolla Shores Planned District is a member of the Association and may become a Registered Member.

Separately print the Ballot and the Registration Form, enter your data, put both forms in an envelope, and mail to the La Jolla Shores Association, P. O. Box 64, La Jolla, CA, 92038, to be received by March 10th, 2021.  Or, you may hand deliver your envelope to 8430 La Jolla Shores Dr. on Mar 10, 2021 before 4:00 pm.  Emailed ballots are not accepted.  (Both the Ballot and Registration Form need to be mailed or delivered in one envelope).

Please complete the attached member Registration Form on a separate piece of paper so that we can verify your membership and add you to the list of registered members, before we count your ballot.

Validated Ballots will be separated from the Registration Form in order for the count to be secret.  An election tie will be decided by an instant tiebreak at the March 10th meeting, which all candidates are urged to attend.  Election challenges must be made within 5 days of election.

There are 5 three-year seats open.  You may vote for up to 5 candidates, only 1 vote per candidate