Ballot Information for the Annual Election of LJSA Board of Directors

Important:  Our procedures for becoming a Registered Member and for voting have changed with the 2021 Bylaws Update.

To become a Registered Member, you now must register at least 60 days before the Annual Election and have attended a previous meeting.  See “Become a Registered Member” under “Association Info” on this website for more information.

This means the application needs to be submitted by January 8th at the latest in order to be able to vote in the March 9th election or to run for a Board position.  Therefore, submit them as soon as possible.   Applications are on the website for download and are fillable on-line.

As part of submitting the application, each applicant must also attend a meeting prior to the annual meeting, entering the date of the meeting on the application.

Since the application has to be submitted by January 8th, and we are dark in December, the meeting attendance should be by the November 10th meeting this year.   Note, if you can’t attend until the January 12th meeting, your attendance can still be added to your application during LJSA processing, enabling you to vote in March.

Number of seats up for election:  we have 5 seats open for the March election.  This is because there are 5 Directors whose current term is expiring in 2022 (Andreae, Earley, Mackey, Rudolph, Wise).  They are all also eligible to run for re-election in 2022, if they choose to.


Stay tuned!  Voting information and Ballot will appear here about one month before our next election.